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What’s the difference between employees and contractors? And why does it matter

Inland Revenue takes a tough stance on employers who ignore their PAYE obligations by treating employees as contractors. Make sure you are keeping good records and are clear on your tax obligations.
Evaluating a franchise 1 SBA Small Business Accounting 1

Things to consider when evaluating a franchise opportunity

Buying a franchise business is a big decision, and there are numerous factors you should consider.
Good tradesman SBA Resources 1 e1701230996799

How to hire a good Tradesman

Hiring a tradesman sounds like a simple task on the face of it, but if you want to do it right you might have to do more than you initially thought.
Leveraging website 1 SBA Small Business Accounting 3

Are you leveraging your business website

Your business website should have something to offer to end consumers, and guide visitors toward a purchasing decision.
Mental health 2 SBA Small Business Accounting

Avoid these business mistakes

We’ve witnessed countless business journeys, and we’re here to share some insights that will help keep your business on the right track.
Mental health 1 SBA Small Business Accounting 1

Taking care of your mental health

Burnout results from long-term stress and can affect your enthusiasm towards the business you once loved. So, what can you do about it?
pexels george morina 4960420

Beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency and blockchain

Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity since the first Bitcoin was created in 2008, but the world of digital assets is still relatively new to many kiwis.
Governments Response Crypto 1 SBA Small Business Accounting e1697668849955

How are banks & governments responding to crypto?

In this article from the team at CoinHQ, we look at how banks and governments globally are responding to the cryptocurrency market as it evolves.
Digital payment trends 1 SBA Small Business Accounting e1700542488670

Key trends in digital payments affecting Kiwi businesses

The ‘Covid years’ accelerated the uptake of ecommerce shopping and digital payments across all age groups and demographics in New Zealand.
The Future of Blockchain for Smart Contracts 1 SBA Small Business Accounting e1701291976384

Staking and the future of blockchain for smart contracts

In this article, we discuss two more uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that are relevant for New Zealand businesses.

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