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Buy an SBA Franchise and earn up to $90k in your first year

SBA Small Business Accounting has been around since 1997. Part of one big family, SBA is a network of franchisees throughout New Zealand. To date, we have over 80 branches nationwide.

We know small business owners don’t necessarily have the time or skill to do their book work, and why should you? You’re not an accountant. So SBA simplifies the accounting process and provides the most reliable and affordable way to get your accounting done.

SBA provides a great range of accounting services tailor-made for small businesses. We use the latest technology including Xero to keep track of your business financials, which streamline and automate how your data is collected in the most secure way.

Buy an SBA franchise outside Auckland and receive 10% off your licence fee!

SBA Franchise Benefits


Potential to earn up to $90,000+ a year, SBA is an instantly recognisable brand.

Proven results

Get access to NZ’s best accounting franchise system with proven results.

Training and support

Receive ongoing expert advice, training & support from day 1.

The latest software

SBA use Xero cloud accounting software.

Looking to buy a mobile SBA branch?

Want to set up a new accounting practice, but don’t want all the fixed costs of opening a physical premise? SBA has developed a new SBA franchise model where you can buy an SBA franchise which can be operated via a mobile branch (your home and car, rather than a physical SBA shop front). You get all the benefits of the SBA brand but with much lower start up costs and greater flexibility.

We are looking for people with an accounting or sound financial services background that are outgoing and marketing oriented by nature. If you are a self starter who has the get up and go to get out there and grow your network then a mobile SBA branch would be great for you.

Buy an SBA franchise outside Auckland and receive 10% off your licence fee!

Mobile SBA Branch Benefits


Still have the backing of a national brand, but working in a freelance style.


A scalable business that can start small and outsource as you grow, or move into a shop front later.

Hit the ground running

Much lower start up costs and overheads than a physical branch. You can hit the ground running with no outlay.

Easy to start

Easy to start with business packages, tailored services and fixed pricing.


Your car is your mobile office, you can get out and about, meet clients and network.

Buy an SBA Franchise

We have physical shops and mobile branch options available. Check out SBA’s current opportunities and if you’re successful, we’ll hand you a complete cloud-based accounting business in a location of your choice.

Sell your accounting practice with SBA
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Sell your accounting practice

Have an accounting practice to sell? Can’t find the right buyer? Let SBA take the hassle out of finding buyers for you.

Frequently asked questions

What sort of franchise opportunities are there?

If you are interested in buying a SBA Franchise you have several options including buying an Existing franchise or a New Territory with the option of a physical shop branch or a mobile branch for new territories only.

  • Existing SBA: Existing franchises that come up for sale with a customer base already established. Most will be physical shops.


  • New Territory: Set up a new SBA in a new territory where there is no SBA at the moment. You have the option of starting a mobile branch where you don’t have a physical shop, but operate your territory from a home office and in a branded car and you go and visit your clients. Or you can set up a shop front.
    • You can only own a mobile branch where a territory is available and it does not compete with another SBA.
    • You can buy a mobile branch and have the option to switch to a physical shop later.
    • An existing SBA with a physical shop can’t change to a mobile branch later.
How much does it cost to purchase an SBA franchise?

If you are buying an existing SBA you will pay the market value for it.

New franchises: Are available throughout New Zealand from $48,000 +GST for a new territory. However setup costs will depend if you set up a physical shop or a mobile only franchise.

Physical shop branch: To fit-out a new premise to the corporate standard required by SBA and the purchase of computers, software and furniture and fittings, etc. allow for a capital requirement of up to $15,000. You will also have all the ongoing costs of a retail shop – rent, power, water, internet

Mobile branch: There are little set up costs. You will just need to have a late model car of less than 5 years, a car lease can be arranged and a late model laptop. Other costs include fuel and advertising costs. This option is great if set up capital is a barrier and you want a more flexible approach.

Do I need to be an accountant?

We seek Franchisees who have sufficient bookkeeping/accounting experience to form a sound base for training in the SBA system. Academic qualifications while an advantage are not a prerequisite, as full training is given to achieve an acceptable level of competence.

How much can I earn?

This is really down to you. On average new franchises can be earning $90,000+ in their first year if they are setting up a completely new business. Ultimately we want you to build up your turnover and profits consistently, aiming for an achievable turnover of $350,000 after 3 years. We expect a third of your turnover to cover the costs of running your franchise, with a third payable for your staff, leaving you with a third of your turnover as net profit.

What do I get for my Franchise Fee?
  • The right to use the Franchisors intellectual property, and proven systems.
  • Lead Generation from SBA’s brand recognition, and National advertising.
  • Comprehensive training and support. Induction training for two weeks, and then ongoing support from our NZ General Manager and our “help desk” and support partners.
  • Online operational and marketing manuals.
  • Industry leading software, templates and business process.
  • Fully scalable business model.
What are my ongoing costs?

Ongoing royalties and a national advertising levy will be collected by the Franchisor, based on turnover. You will also be required to support the advertising levy with a small amount of local activity. Amounts will be disclosed when go through the next stage. On top of that you need to pay for the running of your branch.

How do I find my clients?

SBA is a very well known national franchise brand that has been around for over 20 years. We have built proven sales and marketing systems that will get you new clients. Physical shop franchises will get the benefit of their visible shop presence that should grow their client base by 50%. Plus a combination of national and local advertising is key. The mobile franchise will focus on lead generation activity via Google Ads, email, outbound calling, referral and event activity, but a full local programme will be made available to you. Finding clients is not a challenge for SBA franchise owners.

Will my branch come with customers?

It depends on the type of SBA franchise you are buying. If you are buying an existing SBA franchise it will come with customers and you pay for that as part of the sale price as you will be earning from day one. If you are setting up a new territory the local area and national marketing plans are designed to generate instant awareness and to accelerate immediate client growth, however an allowance should be made for some working capital in the first few months.

What training do I get?

The SBA Franchisor provides comprehensive initial training. Ongoing training will be via our help desk facility, and regular field visits. You also have access to 60+ other franchise owners to learn from.

What marketing do I get?

There is a National Advertising/Brand Awareness fund into which you pay at a % of your turn over. This fund is used to promote the brand on a national basis on radio, Google, email, online advertising and social media. You are also responsible for your own local advertising and are contractually obliged to spend a nominated minimum amount during the period April to March.

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