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SBA has helped over 20,000 businesses

Today SBA has over 20,000 customers using SBA to help them with their accounting. Hear from some of our customers about why they use SBA and how it has helped their business save time, give them the information they need, but without having to do the work or simply remove the hassle and stress of their bookwork.

Titus Transport

Titus Transport is a national logistics company offering freight forwarding and warehousing solutions. Find out how SBA supports the team in the background and became a part of the family.

Clinton Rolfe

Managing Director, Titus Transport

Painted Bird

Painted Bird is a specialist Vintage store based in Milford, Auckland. Hear how Stephanie has been able to focus on other aspects of her business with the support of SBA behind her.

Stephanie King

Owner, Painted Bird

Little Flock of Horrors

Little Flock of Horrors is a clothing store specialising in Merino fashion for children. Hear how SBA helped took away the burden of dealing with financials so they could focus on growing their business.

Lucy Wildman

Owner, Little Flock of Horrors

Turo-Turo Cafe

Turo-Turo is a popular Phillipino Cafe located in the western suburbs of Auckland. Owner operator Charie & Rew Shearer started with a DIY approach to their accounting but quickly found this led to many sleepless nights.

Charie and Rew Shearer

Owners, Turo-Turo Cafe

Barron Builders

Barron Building renovate houses and get them back onto the market as fast as possible. Find out how SBA has given Rhys time back with his family by taking care of the financials.

Rhys Barron

Owner, Barron Builders

La Rosa Restaurant

After struggling to get the right advice from his previous accountant to help his Italian restaurant grow, business owner Mark Rosa turned to his local SBA branch for help.

Mark Rosa

Owner, La Rosa Restaurant

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