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SBA Franchising

Become the next SBA franchise owner.

We have existing SBA branches for sale, or if SBA is not in your area we can help you buy an existing accounting practice and turn it into a successful SBA franchise branch. By operating under the SBA brand, you will have over 20 years’ experience and support behind you and instant brand awareness.

  • Get started from as little as $15,000 deposit.

  • You could earn up to $90,000 in your first year.

  • 20 years’ experience and over 50 successful branches behind you.

Would you like to find out more about acquiring an SBA franchise?

We have 20 years experience making successful accounting businesses.

Buying an SBA franchise

Buying a turnkey business with an established client base ensures you are cash flow positive from day one. If successful, we will hand you a complete cloud-based accounting business in a location of your choice, and you can also read all about it in the latest Franchise Magazine.

Small Business accounting is a member of franchise association of New Zealand

5 easy steps:

  • Or we go to market to find what you want.

  • You get full training on systems, processes and software.

  • We help you build a business and marketing plan to get you going.

SBA not in your area?

Want an SBA in an area where there is not one already? Not a problem. Let us know the location and we can help source the right practice and turn it into an SBA branch.

Selling an accounting practice?

We take the hassle out of finding buyers. 


There are only two fears that SBA franchisees suffer – on day one they worry that they won’t have any clients; later, they worry that they will have too many. We opened two outlets in four years, and we have the growth to prove just how good the business model is.

Ramon SaavedraFranchisee, SBA Onehunga

The system is sound and that makes it very easy to operate. Although I had a good understanding of accounts before I started, the two weeks training was invaluable. We’ve been so busy I’ve put in more hours than I anticipated, and now I am expanding by bringing my wife on board. We are still growing, which is wonderful for us, and simply proves the concept is as good as everyone says.

David FifieldFranchisee, SBA Papanui

The marketing training that I received was particularly helpful. This was one aspect of business that I really knew very little about, but I’ve had continuous support in this area and it really worked.

Rob LoweFranchisee, SBA Kilbirnie