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Late payment penalties are charges incurred if you don’t pay your taxes and duties by their due dates.

Late payment penalties consist of:

  • initial penalties for paying tax late, and
  • monthly incremental penalties on any amounts that remain unpaid.

Late payment penalties start from the day after the due date for payment:

  • If the tax due is increased as the result of a reassessment, a new due date will generally be set for paying the newly assessed tax.
  • There will be no late payment penalty imposed on the newly assessed tax if it’s paid by the new due date.

Grace period:

  • If this is your first late payment in a two-year period, you will be allowed a grace period.
  • This means that you will have a further period to make payment.
  • If you do not pay, the late payment penalty will be imposed from the due date.
  • Interest will continue to apply.

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