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Fact sheets

We have a number of tax fact sheets available for download, so read up if you’d like to know more about each topic.

Withholding Tax

IRD requirements and things you must know for business owners – read the Withholding Tax Deductions SBA Fact Sheet.

Company Cars

Got a company vehicle and would like to know more about the use of company vehicles for business purposes?

Working For Families Tax Credits

Are you eligible for a Working For Families tax credit? Find out here Working For Families Tax Credits fact sheet.

Salaries For Shareholders

Want to know more about shareholder salaries? Read the Shareholders Salaries SBA Fact Sheet.

Provisional Tax

Read about Provisional tax for individuals and companies on our Provisional Tax SBA Fact Sheet.


We use Ace Payroll because it makes tax compliance a breeze! Read all about it here Payroll Information SBA Fact Sheet.

PAYE, NON-PAYE – What’s that?

Understanding PAYE and non-PAYE – PAYE or Non PAYE Wages SBA Fact Sheet.

Current Accounts

Current accounts, what are they? When Capital is introduced it is like a deposit into the bank account, and the business (think bank) now owes the owner of the Current Account that amount of money. Read more about it on the Current Accounts SBA Fact Sheet.

Income Tax for School Children

Income tax for school children can be read here Children Working SBA Fact Sheet.

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