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Have an accounting practice to sell, but can’t find the right buyer?  SBA has over 20 years experience buying and selling accounting practices. We have buyers coming to us all the time looking for established branches to purchase. We can link you up with the right buyer when you are ready to sell.

‘Using SBA to help me find a buyer saved me months of hassle.  They had someone who was interested straight away and helped me manage the selling process end to end.  I know my practice and staff are in good hands under the SBA brand’. John | Nelson

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The system is sound and that makes it very easy to operate. Although I had a good understanding of accounts before I started, the two weeks training was invaluable. We’ve been so busy I’ve put in more hours than I anticipated, and now I am expanding by bringing my wife on board. We are still growing, which is wonderful for us, and simply proves the concept is as good as everyone says.

There are only two fears that SBA franchisees suffer – on day one they worry that they won’t have any clients; later, they worry that they will have too many. We opened two outlets in four years, and we have the growth to prove just how good the business model is.

The marketing training that I received was particularly helpful. This was one aspect of business that I really knew very little about, but I’ve had continuous support in this area and it really worked.