Business advisory and consulting services

Services include:

• Succession planning

• Buying or selling a business

• Rental/investment property administration

• Business health check

• Financial application assistance

• Business planning

• Tax planning

• Restructures

• Business start-ups

• Entity structure advice

• Benchmarking

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You don’t have a specialist as your GP

Someone once said to me, ‘you don’t have a specialist doctor as your GP’, otherwise you end up paying for their expertise year round, even when your needs are very basic. The same applies with accounting and tax services.

At SBA we focus on supporting our clients by taking care of your accounting and tax requirements, allowing you to focus on your business to achieve your growth and goals.

Sometimes you need industry specific expertise and experience to help you maximise your results and get the outcomes you want. That is when you need a specialist.

SBA use consultants and advisors regularly to provide our clients with added support. This allows us to keep our prices affordable, only paying for specialist consultants when the business requires them, not year round.

When you’re looking for specific expertise, you want to work with a trusted consultant who will get the best outcomes.

PwC New Zealand are leading accounting and tax advisors, so when SBA looked to partner with a consulting firm, who better than the best.

For specialist tax advice, consulting services and support, SBA can now provide the experience and expertise of the team from PwC New Zealand to support you and your business to achieve your goals, both business and financial.

Business Evaluation

Having an exit strategy is as important, as is knowing how much you want to sell the business for before you decide to, or need to sell.

SBA Business Evaluation

Cloud accounting optimisation

Maximising the effectiveness of your technology stack plays a key role in adding value to your business.

SBA Cloud accounting optimisation

Financial health

Financial Health Planner is a unique digital tool that gives an individual or couple the ability to forecast what their financial future might look like.

SBA Financial health

Tax X-ray

Tax X-Ray can help you identify and manage potential tax risks and opportunities to protect and grow your business and your wealth.

SBA Tax X ray

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