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We can help your business work through the impact of COVID19

SBA can help your business try to survive the impact of Covid-19. With financial planning, business planning, forecasting, finance and lending support and also working with you through the Covid-19 subsidy process, we are here to help.

In the short term you may need to apply for the Government Business Assistance Subsidy Package and your local SBA can help you through that process. We can also help you refinance, restructure, borrow money and look at ways for you to cut down costs.

SBA can help you:

+ Understand the effects that COVID-19 is having on your business and finances.

+ Keep up to date with the changes to the COVID alert status and what it means to your business.

+ Work through the Business Assistance Package and subsidy application by providing the key financial information needed.

+ Look at the tax changes and how they apply to your business.

+ Provide support when it comes to getting information for the bank or financial service providers and working with the IRD on your behalf.

So enquire about signing up with your local SBA today and give yourself the best chance of your business surviving these difficult times.

Covid-19 information for your business:

We want to help businesses and business owners stay up to date with the evolving situation around Covid-19 and the support and assistance available, so we have pulled together some helpful information relating to Covid-19, financial assistance, practical HR advice and links to government departments with the latest information and details.

“The team at SBA have steered me through the COVID lockdown 4,3 and 2.5 with professionalism, fast responses and patience. I feel our small little care facility would have had to close down without their guidance. A big thank you to the team at SBA! “

Kate McCollum 
Kate McCollum

“I’m very satisfied with the service from the team at SBA. I’ve received great advice and they have been very responsible with my questions. During Covid, the assistance with applying for the government’s financial applications has been a great help. I would recommend their services to any business,”

Dean Walker 
Dean Walker

COVID19 information for your business

We want to help businesses and business owners so we have pulled together some helpful information relating to Covid-19, financial assistance and some practical HR advice.

Contact tracing reminder:

Once the lockdown has lifted and we can return to our offices, all businesses must display a NZ COVID Tracer QR code for their business. It must be in either a prominent place or near main entrances. Click the link below to generate your QR code poster.


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